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The Anti-diabetic Drug Gliquidone Modulates Lipopolysaccharide-Mediated Microglial Neuroinflammatory Responses by Inhibiting the NLRP3 Inflammasome

Kim, Jieun Park, Jin-Hee Shah, Keshvi Mitchell, Scott John Cho, Kwangwook Hoe, Hyang-Sook

Frontiers Media S.A., 2021-10


The MAO Inhibitor Tranylcypromine Alters LPS- and A beta-Mediated Neuroinflammatory Responses in Wild-type Mice and a Mouse Model of AD

Park, HyunHee Han, Kyung-Min Jeon, Hyongjun Lee, Ji-Soo Lee, Hyunju Jeon, Seong Gak Park, Jin-Hee Kim, Yu Gyung Lin, Yuxi Lee, Young-Ho et al

NLM (Medline), 2020-09