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Novel Force Observer for Precise Force Estimation Using Force Sensor

Novel Force Observer for Precise Force Estimation Using Force Sensor
Samuel, KangwagyeOboe, RobertoOh, Sehoon
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Oh, Sehoon
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46th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, IECON 2020, 650-655
Low frequency dynamic force offsets and measurement noises make utilization of force sensor signal a difficult task, especially, the direct feedback of force measurements in force control systems. To solve these force sensor problems, a novel Kalman filter-based force observer that automatically estimates and eliminates force sensor offsets and attenuates measurement noises is developed in this paper. A dynamic model of force sensing system is derived taking into consideration the dynamic interaction among the motor, the load, and the force sensor between them, as well as the measurement equations. The state-space representation of dynamic force offsets is formulated and augmented to the system dynamic equations from which a state-space Kalman filter is designed. The properties of the designed Kalman filter are further theoretically analyzed in the transfer function form. To verify its effectiveness, experiments are carried out where performance comparison is made to that of a conventional Kalman filter. The proposed observer is found to perform better than the conventional one. Moreover, the transfer function form exhibits a simple structure which makes it simple to implement. © 2020 IEEE.
IEEE Computer Society
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  • Author Oh, Sehoon MCL(Motion Control Lab)
  • Research Interests Research on Human-friendly motion control; Development of human assistance;rehabilitation system; Design of robotic system based on human musculoskeletal system; Analysis of human walking dynamics and its application to robotics; 친인간적인 운동제어 설계연구; 인간 보조;재활 시스템의 설계 및 개발연구; 인간 근골격계에 기초한 로봇기구 개발연구; 보행운동 분석과 모델 및 로봇기구에의 응용
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