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Delivery Open Innovation Business Model Platform-Reflective Comparing among 3 Economies

Delivery Open Innovation Business Model Platform-Reflective Comparing among 3 Economies
Yun, Jinhyo JosephZhao, XiaofeiMa, LeiXu, ZhiGuoLiu, Zheng
DGIST Authors
Yun, Jinhyo Joseph; Zhao, Xiaofei
Issue Date
SOI & Oklahoma State University 2020 Conference
This study wants to answer to following research question. Is there any difference in open innovation business model of smart delivery industry according to the maturing of belonging capitalism economy such as matured economy UK, China, and Korea? Deep interview and participant observation of restaurant at target street of 3 country, deep interview and participant observation of deliverer at in front of target universities of 3 countries, and survey of student customer of 3 target university of 3 countries were done with a creative research method, reflective comparing of economies which includes qualitative research methods such as deep interview with semi-structured questionnaire, participatory observation, case study, and statistic research method together. Our main finds are as follows. First existing economic conditions such as well-developed existing restaurants of UK, or well structed deliverer brokerage firm system of Korea give diverse effects on the growing up of smart delivery platform industry. Second, even though multi homing goes with low growth of smart delivery platform industry, multi homing is required for the increase of welfare of deliverer, customer, and restaurants altogether. Third, just that multi homing go opposite to the level of open innovation, middle level open innovation with high multi homing is required in the developing of platform delivery industry.
Society of Open Innovation, Technology, Market & Complexity
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