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Bounded Rationality in Open Innovation Dynamics; Inter-Rationality

Bounded Rationality in Open Innovation Dynamics; Inter-Rationality
Yun, Jinhyo JosephAhn, HeungjuLee, Doo SeokPark, KyungBaeZhao, Xiaofei
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Yun, Jinhyo JosephAhn, HeungjuLee, Doo Seok; Zhao, Xiaofei
Issue Date
SOI & Oklahoma State University 2020 Conference
Research Question; In this study, we want to answer to as following questions. Is there any relation between open innovation, and sustainability of firm? What is the reason some firms grow continuously, and others stop to grow, and collapse? We want to answer this research question by building up of the concept, and mathematical model of “the rationality of open innovation dynamics”. Research Method: this study is based on literature reviews and thinking experiments when it builds up concept model of inter-rationality. It used mathematical modeling method to fascinate the inter-rationality model. To validate inter-rationality model, this study used causal loop modeling, and ABM simulation method. Research Contents; Inter-rationality includes as follows; 1) rational economic agent; 2) impossible to compare among economic agents; 3) the sum of economic agents is the sum of individual agents plus creative emergence of convergence. The economy growth of open innovation dynamics follows ZIGZAG growing. Even though small open innovation if it does not close totally, it motivates the economic system. The macro growth of economic system by open innovation dynamics is liner if it is based on open innovation dynamics, which is really based on ZIGZAG growth.
Society of Open Innovation, Technology, Market & Complexity
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  • Author Ahn, Heungju  
  • Research Interests Several complex variables; Cauchy-Riemann equation; Complex geometry
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