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Solution-Phase Fabrication of Chalcohalides from Chalcogenides for Solar Cell Application

Solution-Phase Fabrication of Chalcohalides from Chalcogenides for Solar Cell Application
Hwang, EunjeongChoi, Yong Chan
DGIST Authors
Choi, Yong Chan
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The 5th International Conference on Advanced Electromaterials (ICAE 2019)
Antimony/bismuth chalcohalides, (Sb,Bi)ChX (Ch=S,Se; X=I,Br), have attracted considerable attention as alternatives to the perovskites in next-generation solar cells due to their low-toxicity, defect-tolerant feature, tunable band gap, and remarkable photovoltaic performance. However, methods available to fabricate them for solar cells are very limited. Recently, we developed a simple solution process for the fabrication of SbSI obtained by reacting amorphous Sb2S3 with SbI3. We also successfully applied this to the planar-type solar cell and obtained ~1% device efficiency [1]. Very recently, we have found that this method can be applied to the fabrication of various chalcohalides. In this work, we introduce a facile method for the fabrication of Sb(S,Se)I and (Sb,Bi)SI by modifying the previous method. To this end, the Sb2(S,Se)3 and (Sb,Bi)2S3 were first prepared by thiol-amine solution approach, and reacted with SbI3 for conversion to Sb(S,Se)I and (Sb,Bi)SI, respectively. This method enabled to control the composition, structure, morphology, and band gap at low-temperature of 200°C. This will make possible to produce various chalcohalides with desirable properties for optimal photovoltaic performance.
The Korean Institute of Electrical and Electronic Material Engineers
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  • Author Choi, Yong Chan Dr. Choi Group @ DGIST
  • Research Interests Solar Cells; Chalcohalides; chalcohalides; sulfides; selenides
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