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바이오 압전 재료 및 에너지 소자 개발

바이오 압전 재료 및 에너지 소자 개발
Lee, Ju-Hyuck
DGIST Authors
Lee, Ju-Hyuck
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2018 한국전기전자재료학회 추계학술대회
The piez oelectric effect can be defined as an interconversion between mechanical and electrical energies induced by charge redistribution and separation when mechanical or electrical stimulus is applied to materials that lack inversion symmetry. Various inorganic piez oelectric materials have been used to generate electrical energy through the ubiquitous vibrational and mechanical forces. Although these inorganic piez oelectric materials are practical for energy generation, their fabrication often requires environmentally harmful components and/or energy intensive. Contrastingly, many natural biomaterials that can be synthesiz ed in an environmentally friendly manner have also been shown to have piez oelectric properties. I n addition to safe synthesis schemes, such bio-piez oelectric materials are often highly uniform and are potentially more compatible alternatives for future biomedical applications. However, compared to their inorganic and synthetic counterparts, bio-piez oelectric materials have not yet been widely explored for typical piez oelectric applications due to poor piez oelectric responses. I n addition, there is a limited control over the orientation and polariz ation directions in many biological piez oelectric materials suitable for device fabrication. I n this presentation, recent investigation of biopiez oelectric materials and their applications will be introduced. I n particular, methods for controlling the polariz ation and orientation of in biological piez oelectric materials such as diphenylalanine (FF) and M13 bacteriophage (virus) will be discussed. I n addition, the development of the piez oelectric nanogenerator based on biopiez oelectric materials will be presented.
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  • Author Lee, Ju-Hyuck Energy Conversion Materials Engineering Laboratory
  • Research Interests Energy Harvesting; Synthesis of Various Nano/Microstructured Energy Materials; Piezoelectric Generator; Triboelectric Generator; Bio-Compatible Energy Materials and Generator; Biomimetic Biomolecule based Energy Materials and Devices
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