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Photo-instability of ternary-Halide MAPb(Br1-x-yIxCly)3 Perovaksite

Photo-instability of ternary-Halide MAPb(Br1-x-yIxCly)3 Perovaksite
Kim, Se-YunWoo, Han JeongJo, HyunilBeak, SeoungtaeLee, Joon-HyungKim, Jeong-JooLee, Sang-WookHeo, Young-Woo
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4th Ed. Smart Materials and Surfaces-SMS Conference(SMS 2018)
Halide perovskite which has been reported 22.1% of power conversion efficiency in solar cell, have been actively investigated to apply various optoelectronic devices, such as photovoltaic, light emitting diode and photo-detector, due to the high light absorption co-efficient, excellent charge carrier mobility, facile solution processability and ease of band tuning characteristics. However, photo-induced instability in binary halide mixed perovskite, such as in CH3NH3Pb(I1-xBrx)3, was commonly observed under the photo-irradiation.1-4 Since the phase separation into I- and Br-rich phases under the photo-irradiation lead to significant drop in photo-current, this photo-induced instability has become the critical problem of long term sta-bility.5 Various attempts have been made to improve the photo stability through A-cation and B-cation mixing in ABX3 formula, how-ever, it has never been attempted to improve the photo-stability through the additional composition engineering at X site, such as MAPb(Br1-x-yClxIy) which may cause the en-tropic gain and lattice contraction effect. In this presentation, we investigated photo-instability of various compositions single phase perovskite, such as CH3NH3Pb(Br1-x-yClxIy)3 (0≤x≤1 and 0≤y≤1), using soft PL laser source (SPL) and hard PL laser source (HPL)(Figure 1). Based on the spinodal de-composition model, the PL spectral changes according to photo-irradiation time and pow-er of PL source were interpreted, and it could be expected that the photo-stability im-provement due to entropic gain and lattice contraction by ternary halide mixed perov-skite would not occur.
Smart Materials and Surfaces
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