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Human-friendly motion control of power-assisted wheelchair

Human-friendly motion control of power-assisted wheelchair
Oh, Se HoonHori, Yoichi
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Oh, Se Hoon
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Wheelchairs which have enhanced locomotion of people with muscular weakness or paralysis still can be improved using various assistive technologies, e.g., electric wheelchairs have been developed and widely used for enhancement of the maneuverability and safety of people. The power-assisted wheelchair (PAW) is a relatively new type of a wheelchair, which is equipped with torsion sensors to measure force applied on rims by a human and provides the assistive torque based on the measured force. With this propelling process, the user still can involve with the propulsion of the wheelchair while the assistive torque can relieve the user’s propulsion effort. This PAW is a case of human-machine interface and requires an adequate control of assistive torques to interact with a human without confliction. To address this issue, human-friendly motion control of the PAW is introduced in this chapter, which consists of the accurate observation of the physical states of the PAW and the disturbance rejection control based on the observed states to support safe and comfortable operation of the PAW. Several physical states of the PAW are defined as the operation states, which are associated with the motion of the PAW and the environmental condition, and they are observed utilizing multiple motion sensors (i.e., encoders, gyroscopes, and accelerometers) and an algorithm to fuse them. Then, control algorithms to remove the effect of undesired disturbance on the PAW without perturbing human’s operation are developed in a human-friendly way utilizing the observed operation states. The effectiveness of this human-friendly motion control of PAW is verified through various experiments using a commercialized PAW. © Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2015.
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  • 오세훈 Oh, Sehoon 로봇및기계전자공학과
  • Research Interests Research on Human-friendly motion control; Development of human assistance;rehabilitation system; Design of robotic system based on human musculoskeletal system; Analysis of human walking dynamics and its application to robotics; 친인간적인 운동제어 설계연구; 인간 보조;재활 시스템의 설계 및 개발연구; 인간 근골격계에 기초한 로봇기구 개발연구; 보행운동 분석과 모델 및 로봇기구에의 응용
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