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NiO 촉매의 분산성 및 안정성 향상을 위하여FeCrAl 합금 폼 위에 성장된 Al2O3 Inter-Layer 효과

NiO 촉매의 분산성 및 안정성 향상을 위하여FeCrAl 합금 폼 위에 성장된 Al2O3 Inter-Layer 효과
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Effect of Al2O3 inter-layer grown on FeCrAl alloy foam to improve the dispersion and stability of NiO catalysts
Lee, Yu JinKoo, Bon RyulBaek, Seong HoPark, Man HoAhn, Hyo Jin
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Baek, Seong Ho
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Korean Journal of Materials Research, 25(8), 391-397
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NiO catalysts/Al2O3/FeCrAl alloy foam for hydrogen production was prepared using atomic layer deposition (ALD) and subsequent dip-coating methods. FeCrAl alloy foam and Al2O3 inter-layer were used as catalyst supports. To improve the dispersion and stability of NiO catalysts, an Al2O3 inter-layer was introduced and their thickness was systematically controlled to 0, 20, 50 and 80 nm using an ALD technique. The structural, chemical bonding and morphological properties (including dispersion) of the NiO catalysts/Al2O3/FeCrAl alloy foam were characterized by X-ray diffraction, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, field-emission scanning electron microscopy and scanning electron microscopy-energy dispersive spectroscopy. In particular, to evaluate the stability of the NiO catalysts grown on Al2O3/FeCrAl alloy foam, chronoamperometry tests were performed and then the ingredient amounts of electrolytes were analyzed via inductively coupled plasma spectrometer. We found that the introduction of Al2O3 inter-layer improved the dispersion and stability of the NiO catalysts on the supports. Thus, when an Al2O3 inter-layer with a 80 nm thickness was grown between the FeCrAl alloy foam and the NiO catalysts, it indicated improved dispersion and stability of the NiO catalysts compared to the other samples. The performance improvement can be explained by optimum thickness of Al2O3 inter-layer resulting from the role of a passivation layer. © 2015 Materials Research Society of Korea.
Korea Federation of Science and Technology
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