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Design of an optical packet switch for real-time applications

Design of an optical packet switch for real-time applications
Lee, Jae MyounPark, Ju YoungPark, Kyung JoonKang, Kyung Tae
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Park, Kyung Joon
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2012 International Conference on Information Science and Applications, ICISA 2012
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AlgorithmsClock PeriodClocksDelay PerformanceDesignDesign FrameworksGuaranteed Delay BoundInformation ScienceInternet TrafficNetwork SwitchesNumerical StudiesOptical Packet SwitchesOptical Switch FabricsOptical SwitchesOptimal SwitchingPacket NetworksPacket SizePacket SwitchingPerformance EvaluationReal-Time ApplicationReal-Time TrafficsSchedulabilitySwitchingSwitching Algorithms
Network switches are typically designed for best- effort Internet traffic. Most of existing studies have been focused on improving throughput and delay performance in an average sense rather than providing guaranteed delay bound that is critical for real-time applications. It has not been fully investigated how to design an efficient packet switching algorithm for real-time applications. In this paper, we propose a design framework for a real-time optical switch that is intended for use as an optical switch fabric. Our contributions are two folds: First, by introducing a clearance-time optimal switching together with clock-based scheduling, our switching design guarantees any feasible real-time traffic to be switched in two- clock periods. Second, we investigate key implementation issues of an optical packet switch such as packet size and buffering for real-time applications, and take account of these issues in design and performance evaluation of a switching algorithm. Our numerical study shows that the proposed switching algorithm provides a larger schedulability region with significantly reduced delay compared to the well-known iSLIP scheme. © 2012 IEEE.
IEEE Computer Society
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  • Author Park, Kyung-Joon CSI(Cyber-Physical Systems Integration) Lab
  • Research Interests Design of Wireless Network for Cyber-Physical System; 무선 센서 네트워크; 강인 무선 네트워크
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