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Fabrication of antimony chalcohalides via two-step solution processing and application to solar cells

Fabrication of antimony chalcohalides via two-step solution processing and application to solar cells
Choi, Yong Chan
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Choi, Yong Chan
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European Advanced Energy Materials and Technology Congress 2018
Despite of remarkable contribution of organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite materials to high-performance next-generation solar cell field, tremendous efforts have recently dedicated to explore alternative photovoltaic materials because of critical problems that have faced in perovskite photovoltaic systems, such as instability, toxicity, and interfacial issues. Antimony/bismuth chalcohalides, such as SbSI, SbSBr, and BiSI, have been considered as one of emerging light absorbers because of ns2 electronic configuration of antimony/bismuth, giving one key property as defect-tolerant solar absorbers.1 In this talk, we introduce a simple solution processing for the fabrication of antimony sulfoiodide SbSI and application to heterojunction solar cells. The SbSI is fabricated by two-step solution processing. This method involves, first, the formation of amorphous Sb2S3 (am-Sb2S3), fabricated by SbCl3-thiourea complex solution processing,2 and, second, the conversion from amSb2S3 to SbSI, by spin-coating the SbI3 solution and subsequent drying at moderate temperatures. By using this method, not only the complete formation of SbSI is achieved at low temperature of < 250 ºC, but also the intensity of SbSI phase can be easily controlled. Here we will discuss the correlation of fabrication parameters with photovoltaic performances. This talk may give some clues for further developments of next-generation solar cells and enlightens us to find proper cost-effect solution methods and potential absorbers.
International Association of Advanced Materials
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  • Author Choi, Yong Chan Dr. Choi Group @ DGIST
  • Research Interests Solar Cells; Chalcohalides; chalcohalides; sulfides; selenides
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