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2020-08 471

PiggyBac mutagenesis and exome sequencing identify genetic driver landscapes and potential therapeutic targets of EGFR-mutant gliomas

Noorani, Imran de, la Rosa Jorge Choi, Yoon Ha Strong, Alexander Ponstingl, Hannes Vijayabaskar, M.S. Lee, Ju Sung Lee, Eun Min Richard-Londt, Angela Friedrich, Mathias Furlanetto, Federica Fuente, Rocio Banerjee, Ruby Yang, Fengtang Law, Frances Watts, Colin Rad, Roland Vassiliou, George Kim, Jong Kyoung Santarius, Thomas Brandner, Sebastian Bradley, Allan

BioMed Central Ltd, 2020-07


Single-cell RNA sequencing identifies shared differentiation paths of mouse thymic innate T cells

Lee, Minji Lee, Eun Min Han, Seong Kyu Choi, Yoon Ha Kwon, Dong-il Choi, Hyobeen Lee, Kwanghwan Park, Eun Seo Rha, Min-Seok Joo, Dong Jin Shin, Eui-Cheol Kim, Sanguk Kim, Jong Kyoung Lee, You Jeong

Nature Research, 2020-08