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A battery management scheme for versatile power transfer in smart microgrids

A battery management scheme for versatile power transfer in smart microgrids
Bae, H.[Bae, Hyojoon]Choi, K.[Choi, Keunhye]Park, T.[Park, Taejoon]Lee, S.[Lee, Sangcheol]Lee, S.[Lee, Sangwoo]
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Bae, H.[Bae, Hyojoon]; Choi, K.[Choi, Keunhye]; Park, T.[Park, Taejoon]; Lee, S.[Lee, Sangcheol]; Lee, S.[Lee, Sangwoo]
Issue Date
2012 IEEE Global High Tech Congress on Electronics, GHTCE 2012, 101-105
Article Type
Conference Paper
A hybrid energy system consisting of wind turbines, photovoltaic (PV) arrays and battery storage interconnected via a common DC bus, is one of the key building block of smart microgrids. Such hybrid systems have a wide variety of applications ranging from homes and buildings to factories thanks to its capability of reducing the electricity cost. In this paper, we present a battery management scheme for hybrid energy systems that allow versatile power transfer as well as improved power quality management in connecting various distributed generators. We first develop a scheme for flexible battery management and then apply a modified hysteresis-based control strategy to our battery management scheme. To demonstrate the effectiveness of our scheme, we implement a MATLAB/Simulink framework to model and simulate our scheme under a 100-kW hybrid system scenario. © 2012 IEEE.
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
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