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Lee, Y.-I.[Lee, Yun Il]; Kang, H.[Kang, Ho Jin]; Ha, Y.W.[Ha, Young Wan]; Chang, K.-Y.[Chang, Ki Young]; Cho, S.-C.[Cho, Sung Chun]; Song, S.O.[Song, Sang Ok]; Kim, H.[Kim, Hye In]; Jo, A.[Jo, A Reum]; Khang, R.[Khang, Rin]; Choi, J.-Y.[Choi, Jeong Yun]; Lee, Y.[Lee, Yun Jong]; Park, S.C.[Park, Sang Chul]; Shin, J.-H.[Shin, Joo Ho]

Neurobiology of Aging, 41, 1-10


Ham, S[Ham, Sangwoo]; Lee, YI[Lee, Yun-Il]; Jo, M[Jo, Minkyung]; Kim, H[Kim, Hyojung]; Kang, H[Kang, Hojin]; Jo, A[Jo, Areum]; Lee, GH[Lee, Gum Hwa]; Mo, YJ[Mo, Yun Jeong]; Park, SC[Park, Sang Chul]; Lee, YS[Lee, Yun Song]; Shin, JH[Shin, Joo-Ho]; Lee, Y[Lee, Yunjong]

Scientific Reports, 7