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Hierarchical nanostructured NiCo2O4 as an efficient bifunctional non-precious metal catalyst for rechargeable zinc-air batteries

Hierarchical nanostructured NiCo2O4 as an efficient bifunctional non-precious metal catalyst for rechargeable zinc-air batteries
Prabu, MoniKetpang, KriangsakShanmugam, Sangaraju
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Shanmugam, Sangaraju
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AirBi-Functional ElectrocatalystsCatalysisCatalyst ActivityCathodesChemistryCobaltCobalt OxideElectric BatteriesElectric Power SuppliesElectrocatalystsElectrocatalytic ActivityElectrochemical AnalysisElectrochemical TechniquesElectrodeElectrodesElectrolytic ReductionElectrospinning TechniquesMetal AcetylacetonatesMorphologyNano-StructuresNanomaterialNickelNickel MonoxideNon-Precious Metal CatalystsOxideOxidesOxygen Reduction and EvolutionPorosityPower SupplyPrecious MetalsPrecursor ConcentrationRechargeable Zinc-Air BatteriesZinc
A nickel-doped cobalt oxide spinel structure is a promising non-precious metal electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution and oxygen reduction in rechargeable metal-air batteries and water electrolyzers operating with alkaline electrolytes. One dimensional NiCo2O4 (NCO) nanostructures were prepared by using a simple electrospinning technique with two different metal precursors (metal nitrate/PAN and metal acetylacetonate/PAN). The effect of precursor concentration on the morphologies was investigated. Single-phase, NCO with an average diameter of 100 nm, porous interconnected fibrous morphology was revealed by FESEM and FETEM analysis. The hierarchical nanostructured 1D-spinel NiCo2O4 materials showed a remarkable electrocatalytic activity towards oxygen reduction and evolution in an aqueous alkaline medium. The extraordinary bi-functional catalytic activity towards both ORR and OER was observed by the low over potential (0.84 V), which is better than that of noble metal catalysts [Pt/C (1.16 V), Ru/C (1.01 V) and Ir/C (0.92 V)], making them promising cathode materials for metal-air batteries. Furthermore, the rechargeable zinc-air battery with NCO-A1 as a bifunctional electrocatalyst displays high activity and stability during battery discharge, charge, and cycling processes. © The Royal Society of Chemistry.
Royal Society of Chemistry
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  • 상가라쥬샨무감 Shanmugam, Sangaraju 에너지공학과
  • Research Interests Electrocatalysts for fuel cells; water splitting; metal-air batteries; Polymer electrolyte membranes for fuel cells; flow batteries; Hydrogen generation and utilization
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