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Catheter synthesis in X-Ray fluoroscopy with generative a... Ullah I.; Chikontwe P.; Park S.H.

Accurate localization of catheters or guidewires in fluoroscopy images is important to improve th...

Precise separation of adjacent nuclei using a siamese neu... Luna M.; Kwon M.; Park S.H.

Nuclei segmentation in digital histopathology images plays an important role in distinguishing st...

3차원 전고체 전극 구조체 형성, 분석 및 성능 예측 기술 동향 박주남; 진다희; 김도환; 배경택; 이강택; ...

고에너지밀도 대용량 리튬이온전지를 채용한 전기자동차 및 에너지저장시스템에서 발생하고 있는발화사고로 인해, 고안전성 전고체 리튬이차전지(All-solid-state Lithiu...

Controlled synthesis of (Hk 1) preferentially oriented Sb... Park, Si-Nae; Kim, Se-Yun; Lee, Sang-Ju; Sung, Shi-Joon; Yang, Kee-Jeong; ...

In this paper, we propose that the microstructural control of (hk1) preferentially oriented Sb2Se...


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The Study of Vertical TFT System with Stress Release Stru... Lee, Seungchul

Development of flexible electronic technology is essential for various wearable / flexible electr...

문헌검색과 논문읽기: (1)문헌검색 Kay Kim

2017년 대학원 신입생 오리엔테이션의 논문읽기과 문헌검색 중 문헌검색과 관련한 자료입니다. 문헌이란 무엇인지, 문헌조사가 왜 필요한지, 어떤 과정으로 이루어지는지, 어떤 D...

(과학기술 연구자를 위한) 논문 검색 관리 한 권에 끝내기 Kim, Kay

논문을 검색하고 발견하고 분석하는 것에서부터 검색한 논문을 관리하고 논문을 작성하는 것까지 무료 검색엔진과 도서관 구독자원을 활용하는 매뉴얼. 1)문헌검색과 발견 단계에서는 ...

Corrosion inhibition of aluminum in lithium imide electro... Park, Ki Sung

Lithium bis(fluorosulfonyl)imide (LiFSI) is a promising imide group salt due to its comparable io...


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slide image 1 DGIST opens a Joint AI Research Institute with Dabeeo

- Pioneered a path of intensive AI technology R&D through joint research - An analysis algorithm already developed is a world-class level… Expects to have more research and cooperation through the lab

2019-12-12 Read more
slide image 2 Developed a Band-Aid-like Sensor to Detect Human Body Conditions in Real-time

Dramatically improved sensor stability with complex structural design that mimics snake motions, spider webs, and paper craft Expected to be applied in various fields such as bio-diagnosis, smart skin, clothes, and livestock diagnosis

2020-01-09 Read more
slide image 3 A breath of fresh air for longer-running batteries

A low-cost catalyst on a sulphur-doped, porous, carbon nanostructure improves the performance of lithium batteries that run on air.

2020-01-09 Read more



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