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Degradation Mechanism of Vanadium Oxide Films When Grown ... Choi, Songhee; Oh, Junhyeob; Lee, Ji-Hyun; Jang, Jae Hyuck; Lee, Shinbuhm

Although vanadium oxide (VOx) phases are thermodynamically similar, Y-stabilized ZrO2 (YSZ) subst...

Excitation dynamics of MAPb(I1-xBrx)(3) during phase sepa... Kim, Se-Yun; Chae, Weon-Sik; Na, Yong-Jae; Kim, Sang-Hyub; Lee, Sangwook; ...

Here, we report the radiative recombination behavior of a binary perovskite, MAPb(I0.2Br0.8)3, du...

Amelioration of Mitochondrial Quality Control and Proteos... Cho, Bongki; Kim, Taeyun; Huh, Yu-Jin; Lee, Jaemin; Lee, Yun-Il

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a well-known age-related neurodegenerative disorder associated with l...

Ternary diagrams of the phase, optical bandgap energy and... Kim, Se-Yun; Lee, Ho-Chang; Nam, Yujin; Yun, Yeonghun; Lee, Si Hong; ...

Halide perovskites attract enormous attention as promising light absorption and emission material...


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The Study of Vertical TFT System with Stress Release Stru... Lee, Seungchul

Development of flexible electronic technology is essential for various wearable / flexible electr...

문헌검색과 논문읽기: (1)문헌검색 Kay Kim

2017년 대학원 신입생 오리엔테이션의 논문읽기과 문헌검색 중 문헌검색과 관련한 자료입니다. 문헌이란 무엇인지, 문헌조사가 왜 필요한지, 어떤 과정으로 이루어지는지, 어떤 D...

Convolutional Neural Network for Functional Near-Infrared... Thanawin, Trakoolwilaiwan

Brain-computer interface (BCI) is a communication system that translates the brain signal directl...

(과학기술 연구자를 위한) 논문 검색 관리 한 권에 끝내기 Kim, Kay

논문을 검색하고 발견하고 분석하는 것에서부터 검색한 논문을 관리하고 논문을 작성하는 것까지 무료 검색엔진과 도서관 구독자원을 활용하는 매뉴얼. 1)문헌검색과 발견 단계에서는 ...


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slide image 1 A Technology to Transform 2D Planes into 3D Soft and Flexible Structures by Engineering Adhesion between Thin-Films

- DGIST Professor Sohee Kim’s Team developed a technology to produce 3D soft and flexible devices by blowing balloons made of polymeric thin films. - Can be made in various 3D shapes... Expected to have diverse medical and biomedical applications.

2019-10-23 Read more
slide image 2 Identified the Core Mechanism for Obesity Treatment through Brain Cell Control

- Professor Eun-Kyoung Kim’s team in the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences discovered the mechanism underlying the regulation of energy metabolism by hypothalamic tanycyte - Proposed a new research direction to develop an enhanced obesity treatment

2019-09-25 Read more
slide image 3 DGIST Achieves the Highest Efficiency of Flexible CZTSSe Thin-Film Solar Cell

- DGIST Division of Energy Technology achieves the highest photoelectric conversion efficiency in the world - Huge expectations toward the commercialization of flexible solar cell that is applicable in various fields

2019-09-25 Read more



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