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Stereo vision-based vehicle detection using a r... Lee, Chung-Hee Lim, Young-Chul Kwon, Soon Lee, Jong-Hun

This paper presents stereo vision-based vehicle detection approach on the road using a road featu...

Improved Vehicle Detection Algorithm in Heavy T... Lee, Chung-Hee Lim, Young-Chul Kim, Dongyoung Sohng, Kyu-Ik

Despite significant progress in vehicle detection over the last few decades, vehicle detection pe...

Mega-Dose Vitamin C Ameliorates Nonalcoholic Fa... Lee, Seoung-Woo Lee, Young-Jin Baek, Su-Min Kang, Kyung-Ku Kim, Tae-Un et al

In previous studies, the increasing clinical importance of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFL...

Infectivity and Transmissibility of Acute Hepat... Lee, Chorong Jeon, Hye Jin Kim, Bum Keun Choi, Seong-Kyoon Kim, Sumi et al

Acute hepatopancreatic necrosis disease (AHPND) caused by Vibrio parahaemolyticus (Vp(AHPND)) has...


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(과학기술 연구자를 위한) 논문 검색 관리 한 권에 끝내기 2022 Edition (과학기술 연구자를 위한) 논문 검색 관리 한 권에 끝내기 2022 Edition Kim, Kay Han, MiHee Choi, Arum

논문을 검색하고 발견하고 분석하는 것에서부터 검색한 논문을 관리하고 논문을 작성하는 것까지 무료 검색엔진과 도서관 구독자원을 활용하는 매뉴얼.<br> 1)문헌검색과...

Real-World Blur Dataset for Learning and Benchmarking Deblurring Algorithms Real-World Blur Dataset for Learning and Benchm... Rim, Jaesung

Numerous learning-based approaches to single image deblurring for camera and object motion blurs ...

Corrosion inhibition of aluminum in lithium imide electrolyte by lithium borate addition Corrosion inhibition of aluminum in lithium imi... Park, Ki Sung

Lithium bis(fluorosulfonyl)imide (LiFSI) is a promising imide group salt due to its comparable io...

Empirical Analysis of MAVLink Protocol Vulnerability for Attacking Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Empirical Analysis of MAVLink Protocol Vulnerab... Kwon, Young-Min Yu, Jaemin Cho, Byeong-Moon Eun, Yongsoon Park, Kyung-Joon

Recently, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or the so-called drones, have been used in various app...

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Latest DGIST Research News

slide image 0 Professor Jong-Sung Yu’s research team at DGIST discovered a turning point in the lithium-sulfur battery field

The low-cost, high-energy, long-life lithium-sulfur battery is based on a novel silica/sulfur interlayer.

2022-10-12 Read more
slide image 1 Hindrance of semiconductor process, static, solved with the sole of a shoe!

- A technique to decrease the body electric potential using a triboelectric nanogenerator is discovered and developed into a static prevention technology

2022-11-26 Read more
slide image 2 Professor Sanghoon Lee’s research team at DGIST developed a rotation-based triboelectric neurostimulator capable of real-time modulation of stimulus parameters

- Preclinical trial results show real-time physiological response to neural stimulation via stimulus parameter modulation. Their paper is published in a high-ranking journal in materials and energy, Nano Energy.

2022-11-26 Read more


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