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Hybrid nanocapsules forin situTEM imaging of gas evolutio... Alam, Sardar B.; Yang, Jiwoong; Bustillo, Karen C.; Ophus, Colin; Ercius, Peter; ...

Liquid cell transmission electron microscopy (TEM) enables the direct observation of dynamic phys...

Ultrasensitive and Stretchable Conductive Fibers Using Pe... Won, Chihyeong; Lee, Sanggeun; Jung, Han Hee; Woo, Janghoon; Yoon, Kukro; ...

The need for wearable electronic devices continues to grow, and the research is under way for str...

Universal light-guiding geometry for on-chip resonators h... Kim, Dae-Gon; Han, Sangyoon; Hwang, Joonhyuk; Do, In Hwan; Jeong, Dongin; ...

By providing an effective way to leverage nonlinear phenomena in integrated devices, high-Q optic...


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Corrosion inhibition of aluminum in lithium imide electro... Park, Ki Sung

Lithium bis(fluorosulfonyl)imide (LiFSI) is a promising imide group salt due to its comparable io...

문헌검색과 논문읽기: (1)문헌검색 Kay Kim

2017년 대학원 신입생 오리엔테이션의 논문읽기과 문헌검색 중 문헌검색과 관련한 자료입니다. 문헌이란 무엇인지, 문헌조사가 왜 필요한지, 어떤 과정으로 이루어지는지, 어떤 D...

(과학기술 연구자를 위한) 논문 검색 관리 한 권에 끝내기 Kim, Kay

논문을 검색하고 발견하고 분석하는 것에서부터 검색한 논문을 관리하고 논문을 작성하는 것까지 무료 검색엔진과 도서관 구독자원을 활용하는 매뉴얼. 1)문헌검색과 발견 단계에서는 ...

Stacking-controllable interlayer coupling and symmetric c... Shinde, Sachin M.; Dhakal, Krishna P.; Chen, Xiang; Yun, Won Seok; Lee, Jae Dong; ...

The stacking order in layered transition-metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs) induces variations in the ...


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slide image 1 Teamwork Can Make the 5G Dream Work: A Collaborative System Architecture for 5G Networks

A research team led by Prof Jeongho Kwak from Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST) has designed a novel system architecture where collaboration between cloud service providers and mobile network operators plays a central role. Such a collaborative architecture would allow for optimizing the use of network, computing, and storage resources, thereby unlocking the potential of various novel services and applications.

2020-09-17 Read more
slide image 2 Do as Plants Do: Novel Photocatalysts Can Perform Solar-driven Conversion of CO2 into Fuel

Scientists develop a stable and inexpensive photocatalyst using earth-abundant materials for the eco-friendly production of methane from CO2

2020-09-17 Read more
slide image 3 Touch-and-Know: Brain Activity during Tactile Stimuli Reveals Hand Preferences in People

Scientists at Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology, Korea, show that it is possible to distinguish between left-handed and right-handed people by noninvasively monitoring just their brain activity during passive tactile stimulation. These results are key in haptic research (the study of sensory systems) and have various important implications for brain–computer interfaces, augmented reality, and even artificial intelligence.

2020-09-17 Read more



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