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Azimuthal angular dependent hysteresis loops of... Choi, Hyeok-Cheol You, Chun-Yeol Kim, Ki-Yeon

The azimuthal angular dependence of the vectorial hysteresis loops in the Fe50Mn50(AF)/Ni81Fe19(F...

Bidirectional propagation of tilting domain wal... Kwon, Jaesuk Hwang, Hee-Kyeong Hong, Jung-Il You, Chun-Yeol

Understanding of domain wall (DW) propagation in a complex structure is an essential first step t...

The Effects of a Mobile Wellness Intervention w... Lee, Sang-Ho Ha, Yeongmi Jung, Mira Yang, Seungkyoung Kang, Won-Seok

Background and Introduction: There is strong evidence that worksite wellness programs can signifi...

Extramedullary plasmacytoma of the oral cavity ... Park, Kyung Ho Kim, Tae-Un Park, Hyun-Woo Lee, Seoung-Woo Baek, Su-Min et al

Background: Most extramedullary plasmacytomas (EMPs) aresolitary and located in the head and neck...


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ACT-PRESTO: Rapid and consistent tissue clearing and labeling method for 3-dimensional (3D) imaging ACT-PRESTO: Rapid and consistent tissue clearin... Lee, Eun Soo Choi, Jung Yoon Jo, You Hwa Kim, Joo Yeon Jang, Yu Jin et al

Understanding the structural organization of organs and organisms at the cellular level is a fund...

Real-World Blur Dataset for Learning and Benchmarking Deblurring Algorithms Real-World Blur Dataset for Learning and Benchm... Rim, Jaesung

Numerous learning-based approaches to single image deblurring for camera and object motion blurs ...

(과학기술 연구자를 위한) 논문 검색 관리 한 권에 끝내기 2022 Edition (과학기술 연구자를 위한) 논문 검색 관리 한 권에 끝내기 2022 Edition Kim, Kay Han, MiHee Choi, Arum

논문을 검색하고 발견하고 분석하는 것에서부터 검색한 논문을 관리하고 논문을 작성하는 것까지 무료 검색엔진과 도서관 구독자원을 활용하는 매뉴얼.<br> 1)문헌검색과...

문헌검색과 논문읽기: (1)문헌검색 문헌검색과 논문읽기: (1)문헌검색 Kay Kim

2017년 대학원 신입생 오리엔테이션의 논문읽기과 문헌검색 중 문헌검색과 관련한 자료입니다. 문헌이란 무엇인지, 문헌조사가 왜 필요한지, 어떤 과정으로 이루어지는지, 어떤 D...

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slide image 0 DGIST Professor Juhyuk Lee Develops Stable Tiny Tactile Sensors Attachable to the Body and Moved as Desired

Elastic Triboelectric Tactile Sensor Development Using Graphene Electrode Unaffected by Elasticity

2023-03-15 Read more
slide image 1 Water Pollution, a Major Environmental Contamination Issue, Solved by Developing Eco-friendly Materials Capable of Purifying Water at High Speed with Inexpensive Raw Materials!

DGIST Professor Park Chi-Young's team developed photothermal porous polymer capable of ultra-fast adsorption and removal of phenolic microplastics and VOC contaminants in water

2023-02-02 Read more
slide image 2 DGIST Professor Hwang Jae-yoon's Team Writes Letters with Ultrasonic Beam! Develops Deep Learning based Real-time Ultrasonic Hologram Generation Technology

Expected to lead to the development of patient-specific precision stimulation technology in the field of ultrasound brain stimulation and treatment for Alzheimer's disease, depression, and pain

2023-01-05 Read more


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