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What is brain science?

Based on the understanding of neurobiology and cognitive science of the brain nervous system, it is a study that identifies and applies the fundamental principles of the structure and function of the brain at the microscopic or macro level. Research in the field of brain science has been independently conducted in several fields, but recently, the trend of interdisciplinary and convergence research is being strengthened, and it is rapidly evolving from physical integration to chemical fusion. Alternatively, brain research is a basic technology in the field of convergence science and technology, and it is expected to have a huge ripple effect not only in the scientific field but also in each industrial field such as the humanities and social fields.

Department of Brain Sciences?

With a focus on basic research based on neurobiology, we pursue a wide range of brain research that encompasses macroscopic brain research such as cognitive science and convergence research with various other fields. In addition, through an independent and systematic educational program focused on the field of brain science, we aim to foster professional researchers who can lead the field of brain science at home and abroad. Representative brain science experts include researchers working in universities, research institutes, and related hospitals, such as brain disease experts, brain function analysis researchers, brain metabolite analysis researchers, and researchers working in related companies, such as pharmaceutical companies. etc. The Department of Neuroscience intends to contribute to the development of brain research and the improvement of human welfare and disease treatment through these research and educational programs.

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