DGIST Institutional Repository Open Access Policy

Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST) aims to contribute to balanced regional development and national scientific and technological advancement by fostering talented students who drive changes in future society and research in knowledge-based industries and advanced science fields.
DGIST's research outputs refer to publications such as journal articles authored by institution members. Their value increases as they are widely utilized as public assets for scientific and technological development.
DGIST Library adopts the following institutional repository open access policy to contribute to bridging the information gap by sharing and disseminating research outputs.

  1. 1DGIST Library is committed to collecting DGIST's research outputs through institutional repository operation and providing public access to electronic copies of the full text in an appropriate version globally.
  2. 2DGIST Library guides and supports DGIST members to practice self-archiving and open access by depositing their electronic copies in the institutional repository.
  3. 3DGIST Library endeavors to ensure that DGIST's research outputs, made available through the institutional repository, are utilized fairly following copyright permissions.
June 9, 2023

Associate Vice President for Information and Library Services,
Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology

  • Research outputs produced after the approval of this policy will be subject to its application, and materials without secured copyrights will be treated as exceptions.
  • Research outputs before the approval of this policy may also be made openly accessible if there are no copyright restrictions or if they are resolved.
  • Complex matters regarding open access not specified in this policy will be governed by the "Guidelines for Institutional Repository Operation," and copyright issues will be addressed through discussions between the parties under relevant laws.