Department of Information and Communication Engineering 1166

Computer science and information technology have transformed human activities and societal infrastructures. They will continue to be an essential part of our daily living, and change the world for the better. The Department of Information and Communication Engineering (ICE) is very young, but it aims to become a world-class research-oriented department. In further detail, ICE has chosen three major research areas in which it intends to pursue and achieve academic excellence:
(1) Cyber Physical Systems (CPS), (2) Bio-medical Systems, and (3) Smart Connected Systems.
ICE strives to not only develop core technology which will lead to a major breakthrough in the IT area, the department also conducts interdisciplinary research between various fields in Information and Communications Technology (ICT). ICE also performs research projects with other departments of DGIST, such as: robotics engineering, energy systems engineering, new materials science, neuroscience, and new biology. Through those efforts, we believe that ICE will become nationally and internationally recognized in the near future.

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