Wireless Integrated Systems Engineering Lab.1

Welcome to the WISE Lab. at DGIST!
The WISE group aims to research energy efficient wireless microsystems in various biomedical and Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications, based on low power Radio Frequency (RF)/analog/mixed-signal integrated circuit (IC) and miniature antenna/board design.

Research Topics
1. Energy-Efficient RFIC Design
- For standard/proprietary protocol for biomedical and IoT applications
- Low power core circuit design
- Energy-efficient architecture/algorithm
- High-level on-chip integration
2. Wireless Sensor Platform Miniaturization
- Antenna-RFIC-board co-design
- In-/on-body communication link analysis
- in-vivo/in-vitro/ex-vivo wireless measurement solution
3. Analog/Mixed-Signal/RF Core Circuit Design
- Low power, low noise circuit design
- Phase locked loop (PLL)-based frequency synthesizer/oscillator
- Oscillators (Crystal oscillator, On-chip timers)
- RF core circuits:
·Low noise amplifier (LNA)/Mixer/Power Amplifier (PA)/Matching network
·Base-band filters

Advisor Professor : Song, Minyoung
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