Advanced Electronic Devices Research Group(AEDRG) 91

Prof. Jae-Eun Jang and his students who are the members of AEDRG (Advanced Electronic Devices Research Group) study nano-scale devices especially, nano communication devices including carbon nanotube antenna, ZnO nanowire for e-skin, magnetic induction communication, and metal-oxide-carbon nanotube rectifier and nano energy harvesting & power systems. Currently, our core researches are 'Growth of single carbon nanotubes for nano-antenna', 'Metal-Insulator-Carbon nanotube diodes for high frequency driving', 'Visible color filter with surface plasmon enhanced transmission', 'Magnetic induction communication in artificial wireless implant technology', and 'ZnO nanowires for e-skin & energy harvesting systems'. Also, we try to attempt our goals and develop new nanotechnologies.

Advisor Professor : Jang, Jae Eun
Advisor Professor : Kwon, Hyuk-Jun
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