Medical Acoustic Fusion Innovation Lab.26

Medical ultrasound imaging has firmly established its own territory as a diagnostic tool due to its real-time capability, portability, safety, and functional imaging capability. These features are prominent advantages over other imaging modalities such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computer tomography (CT), thus making it possible for ultrasound imaging to occupy the position of the second most popular modality in the medical imaging market. Here, our research goal is to push the envelope of medical ultrasound modality by seeking new and hybrid techniques. This will extend preclinical and clinical applications of ultrasound and make ultrasound become a pivotal driving factor in future biomedical engineering. Our primary research goals are to develop the solutions for:
- Photoacoustic Imaging
- Signal & Image Processing and Systems
- Therapeutic Ultrasound and light
- Ultrasound Sensors

Advisor Professor : Chang, Jin Ho
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