Quantum & Biomedical Optics Lab16

Major Research Interest
We aim to study quantum nature of optical phenomena and apply its principle on the biomedical optics.

Quantum optics is fascinating by itself, as it manifests that the way nature works is not what our common sense tells us. For example, violation of Bell's inequality can be proven by undergraduate-level optical experiment using an entangled photon pair generated by SPDC (Spontaneous Parametric Down-Conversion) process in BBO crystal. In our lab, we will contemplate on what it exactly means that either 'locality' or 'reality' should break down, and devise better experiments to push the limit of our understanding of quantum optics.

In terms of Biomedical Optics, we have expertise on non-invasive detection and imaging of hemodynamic variables such as THC (total hemoglobin concentration), StO2 (oxygen saturation of tissue), and blood flow, by using near infrared light. The optical modality for above purposes include DOT (diffuse optical tomography), DCS (diffuse correlation spectroscopy), and DSCA (diffuse speckle contrast analysis). We intend to exploit every aspect of light (wavelength, coherence, and polarization) in order to obtain hemodynamic variables.

The final goal will be to make use of the quantum nature of light in biomedical fields. Although quantum optics and biomedical optics seem to be very distant from each other, we see lots of possibility in linking those two. As DGIST is one of the very few institute in Korea which fosters trans-disciplinary studies, whoever with curious minds will be able to accomplish a lot once he/she joins us.

Advisor Professor : Lee, Kijoon
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