Real-Time Computing Lab12

We are broadly interested in working on the real-time computing and investigating on both software and hardware improvements and techniques for real-time guarantee.

Real-time Scheduling and CPS
- Real-time scheduling in uni-processor, multiprocessor, and heterogeneous-core systems (e.g., big.LITTLE)
- Real-time multi-GPU Scheduling
- Mixed-criticality scheduling
- Real-time control for cyber-physical systems

Real-Time Guarantees for Machine Learning Applications
- Real-time scheduler for DNNs
- Analysis and minimize WCET of DNNs
- Multi-DNN to Multi-Device Scheduling

Physical-state Aware Adaptive Cyber Resource Management
- Dynamic execution behavior under varying physical states
- Adaptive resource allocation

Fault-Resilient Real-Time Ethernet Communication
- Run-time dynamic fault recovery upon link failure

Real-time Support for New Hardware and Software Systems
- Real-time support for new hardware and software

Advisor Professor : Chwa, Hoon Sung
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