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We cannot image that people can live without electrical devices. Therefore, interaction and interconnection between human and device are becoming more and more important with the lapse of time. The development of flexible electronics could be one reason because it is easy-to-read, lightweight, portable, flexible, and unbreakable. Given its attractive characteristics, nowadays, innovative flexible electronics is opening up next-generation technologies and leading the paradigm shift of the electronic applications; potential applications could include flexible human-health patches, epidermal sensors, artificial skin, and electronic papers. It could change a picture of our life, which does not exist today. As science/engineering advances, we might all have the opportunity to see our dreams become reality.
To ride the wave of the new industrial revolution, we will use a synergistic combination of 1) device friendly and 2) human friendly approaches as summarized in the below conceptual schematics.

Advisor Professor : Kwon, Hyuk-Jun
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