Privacy and Applied Cryptography Lab.1

Privacy and Applied Cryptography Lab (PACL) is a research group in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at DGIST.

Our central research topics are various applications based on cryptographic primitives. With the recent development of quantum computers, conventional public-key cryptosystems such as RSA or ECC (elliptic curve cryptography) are being threatened. Therefore, secure cryptographic algorithms under quantum computing environments have significant practical and industrial importance. We devise, analyze, and implement a new class of cryptographic schemes known as quantum-safe cryptography or post-quantum cryptography.

Using cryptographic toolsets, we study technologies to preserve privacy in data process outsourcing. To this end, we develop and implement fully homomorphic encryption efficiently. Then, we investigate efficient and practical technologies that preserve privacy in the AI as a service (AIaaS) application.

- Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning
- Post-Quantum Cryptography
- Vehicular Security

Advisor Professor : Kim, Young-Sik
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