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The trend of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) and Internet-Of-Things (IoT) expects systems to perform their missions in a more intelligent and autonomous manner. Often times, failure or disruption of a system operation leads to catastrophic consequences such as a significant amount of casualties or economic loss. To accomplish a mission in a highly complex environment, a system is equipped with software that helps to make intelligent decisions by reading inputs from various sources, communicating/collaborating with other distributed systems over the network, and with support of AI (Artificial Intelligence). Such a complex nature makes it more challenging to design a correct and reliable software systems than ever. High-Assurance Software Systems (HASS) Lab. conducts systems and software engineering research to guarantee safety, security, performance of complex software systems. The research subjects are related, but not limited to, formal methods, embedded software, model-based development, hardware/software integration, distributed computing, real-time systems, software engineering.

Advisor Professor : Kim, BaekGyu
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