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Research Areas
Kang Lab is a research group in the Department of Information and Communication Engineering at DGIST, South Korea. We are committed to work on engineering problems at the interface of Microelectronics and Bio/Biomedical engineering with the hope that various health-related challenges can be overcome with new technologies.
We are particularly interested in the following research areas:
(1) Novel bioelectronic devices for more efficient bio-signal recording/monitoring;
(2) New neural engineering technologies for less invasive bio-signal modulation;
(3) Functional nanomaterial microfabrication (e.g., printing) for new bioengineering applications;
(4) Machine learning based large bio-signal data analysis;
(5) Neuromorphic devices that closely mimic the characteristics of neuronal cells and neuronal networks.
We are a part of Advanced Electronic Device Research Group (AEDRG) at DGIST ICE.

Advisor Professor : Kang, Hongki
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