Neural Interfaces & MicroSystems Lab58

The Neural Interfaces & MicroSystems Laboratory at DGIST is dedicated to creating new technologies that can interface the human body with artificial technical systems (e.g., computers, next-generation robots, prosthetic arms and legs, neural stimulators) as well as meet the needs in clinics and hospitals to diagnose, monitor, rehabilitate and treat neurological diseases and disorders. Our research focuses are the development of 2D and 3D flexible neural interfaces including brain interfaces, peripheral nerve interfaces, retina interfaces; polymer-based microfabrication technologies for soft bio-MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical system); and electrophysiology tools for zebrafish.

Current research topics of our laboratory include
1) Brain interfaces to study the brain function and toward brain-machine interface (BMI)
2) Peripheral nerve interfaces for neurally-controlled robotic arms with sensory feedback
3) Retinal implants to restore the vision
4) Implantable magnetic stimulation to modulate the brain function
5) Stretchable and wearable sensors for bio-signal detection and monitoring
6) Polymer-based soft bio-MEMS technologies
7) Zebrafish EEG/EMG/ECG and their application for new drug development

Advisor Professor : Kim, So Hee
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