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Lee, Sungho Gandla, Srinivas Naqi, Muhammad Jung, Uihyun Youn, Hyungsoon Pyun, Dogi Rhee, Yumie Kang, Sunju Kwon, Hyuk-Jun Kim, Heejung et al

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2020-10


Seong, Seungho Kim, Heejung Kim, Kyoo Min, B., I Kwon, Yong Seung Han, Sang Wook Park, Byeong-Gyu Stania, R. Seo, Yeonji Kang, J-S

American Physical Society, 2021-11


The 7 x 1 Fermi Surface Reconstruction in a Two-dimensional f-electron Charge Density Wave System: PrTe3

Lee, Eunsook Kim, D. H. Kim, Hyun Woo Denlinger, J. D. Kim, Heejung Kim, Junwon Kim, Kyoo Min, B. I. Min, B. H. Kwon, Y. S. et al

Nature Publishing Group, 2016-07