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Reduced thermal dependence of the sensitivity of a planar Hall sensor

Reduced thermal dependence of the sensitivity of a planar Hall sensor
Mahfoud, MohamedQuang-Hung TranWane, SidinaDuc-The NgoBelarbi, El HabibBoukra, AbdelAzizKim, MijinAly, Amir Ibrahim ElzawawyKim, CheolGiReiss, GuenterDieny, BernardBousseksou, AzzedineTerki, Feria
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Kim, CheolGi
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The ability to stabilize the sensitivity of a magnetoresistance sensor in unstable thermal environments is a key parameter in many high precision measurements. Here, we propose a method to stabilize the sensitivity of a highly sensitive and low noise magnetic sensor based on a planar Hall Effect crossed junction. The stability is achieved by controlling the interplay between Zeeman energy, exchange bias energy, and anisotropy energy as a function of the temperature of the sensor stack comprising a trilayer structure NiFe/Cu/IrMn (10/0.12/10 nm). The high thermal stability of the sensor sensitivity of 4.5 ± 0.15 × 10-3 V/A/T/K is achieved when the external magnetic field is set around ±2 ± 0.04 mT and the applied current is fixed at 20 mA in the temperature range of 110 K-360 K. This method improves the magnetic sensor detection by about an order of magnitude, enabling its deployment in various research fields, particularly to study magnetic properties of small quantities of magnetic materials toward the detection of single magnetic objects, which was impossible before. © 2019 Author(s).
American Institute of Physics
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  • Research Interests Magnetic Materials and Spintronics; Converging Technology of Nanomaterials and Biomaterials; Bio-NEMS;MEMS
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