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A Light Illumination Enhancement Device for Photoacoustic Imaging: In Vivo Animal Study

A Light Illumination Enhancement Device for Photoacoustic Imaging: In Vivo Animal Study
Yu, JaesokSchuman, Joel S.Lee, Jung-KunLee, Sang-GooChang, Jin HoKim, Kang
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Yu, JaesokChang, Jin Ho
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light catcherLaser illumination schemeoptical scatteringphotoacoustic (PA) imagingtumor imaging
Photoacoustic (PA) imaging detects acoustic signals generated by thermal expansion of a light-excited tissue or contrast agents. PA signal amplitude and image quality directly depend on the light fluence at the target depth. With conventional PA imaging systems, approximately 30% energy of incident light at the near-infrared region would be lost due to reflection on the skin surface. Such light loss directly leads to a reduction of PA signal and image quality. A new light delivery scheme that collects and redistributes reflected light energy was recently suggested, which is called the light catcher. In our previous study, proof of concept using a finite-element simulation model was shown and a laboratory-built prototype of the light catcher was applied on tissue-mimicking phantoms. In this paper, we present an elaborate prototype of a high-frequency PA probe with the light catcher fabricated using 3-D printing technology, which is conformal to a subcutaneous tumor in mice. The in vivo usefulness of the developed prototype was evaluated in a mouse tumor model. Equipped with the light catcher, PA signal amplitude from the clinical photosensitizer injected into the mouse tumor was enhanced by 33.7%, which is approximately equivalent to the percent light loss due to reflection on the skin. © 1986-2012 IEEE.
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
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  • 유재석 Yu, Jaesok 로봇및기계전자공학과
  • Research Interests Biomedical ultrasound/photoacoustic imaging and therapeutics; Medical image processing; Machine learning-based diagnosis and signal processing; Nano-theranostic platform
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