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Effects of Electrolyte Composition on Mn( II) dissolution Behavior ofLiMn204 Cathode for Li-ion Battery

Effects of Electrolyte Composition on Mn( II) dissolution Behavior ofLiMn204 Cathode for Li-ion Battery
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망간 용출 억제를 위한 최적 전해액 및 바인더 연구
Kim, Eun Young
DGIST Authors
Kim, Eun YoungLee, Ho ChunKim, Jae Hyeon
Lee, Ho Chun
Kim, Jae Hyeon
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2014. 8
LiMn204electr이yteadditivePolyvinylidene fluoridePolyacrylonitrile전해액첨가제
LiMn204 (LMO) is a promising cathode for Lithium ion battery due to its low cost and environmental inertness. However, LMO suffers from Mn dissolution followed by cell degradation. Mn-dissolution is electrode/electrolyte interfacial phenomenon, thus it is heavily affected by electrode surface and electrolyte. However, more methodical research about the relationship between the electrolyte property and Mn-dissolution has not been carried out so far. This study investigates the dependence of the Mn-dissolution on electrolyte composition and binders at high temperature (60 °C ) . The Mn2+ ion concentration in the electrolyte after high temperature (60 °C ) storage was analyzed by using atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS). It was revealed that increasing EC content and storage duration accelerates Mn-dissolution. When different solvents are used instead of EC, Mn-dissolution behavior becomes severe in the same order of the solvation energy of the solvent.
It was also found that proper additives can be very effective in suppressing Mn-dissolution. P2, the most effective additive to suppress the dissolution behavior, has advantage to improve the cell performance of the LMO/Graphite cell. Furthermore, PAN is revealed to be an outstanding binder for LMO electrodes based on its excellent rate capability, superior cycle performance, and high thermal stability when compared to the other three binders. ⓒ 2014 DGIST
Table Of Contents
I . Effects of electrolyte composition on Mn-dissolution behavior of LiMn2O4 cathode for Li-ion battery 1 --
1.1 Introduction 1 --
1.2 Experimental 2 --
1.3 Results and discussion 4 --
1.3.1 Effect of EC content and storage time of LMO electrodes 4 --
1.3.2 Kinetics of Mn-dissolution 5 --
1.3.3 Passivation of Mn2+ on the LMO cathode 9 --
1.4 Conclusions 11 --
Il . Effects of NaH2PO4 additive on the high temperature performance of LiMn2O4 cathode for lithium ion battery 12 --
2.1 Introduction 12 --
2.2 Experimental 12 --
2.3 Results and discussion 14 --
2.3.1 Additive effect on Mn-dissolution 14 --
2.3.2 NaH2P04 additive effects on cell performances 15 --
2.3.3 Surface analysis of LMO electrodes 20 --
2.3.4 Additional investigation about side effect 22 --
2.4 Conclusions 25 --
III. Effects of binder content on manganese dissolution and electrochemical performances of spinel LiMn204 cathode for lithium ion battery 26 --
3.1 Introduction 26 --
3.2 Experimental 27 --
3.3 Results and discussion 29 --
3.3.1 Effects of binder content on Mn-dissolution of LMO electrodes 29 --
3.3.2 Binder content effects on the cell performances of LMO electrodes 32 --
3.4 Conclusions 38 --
IV. Effects of polymeric binders on electrochemical performances of LiMn2O4 cathode for lithium ion battery 39 --
4.1 Introduction 39 --
4.2 Experimental 41 --
4.3 Results and discussion 43 --
4.3.1 Effects of binders on Mn-dissolution of LMO electrodes 43 --
4.3.2 Exposure of Mn on LMO surface 45 --
4.3.3 Adhesion strength and electrolyte uptake ratio 47 --
4.3.4 Binder content effects on LMO cell performances 48 --
4.4 Conclusions 54 --
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Energy Systems Engineering
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  • 이호춘 Lee, Hochun 에너지공학과
  • Research Interests Lithium-ion batteries; Novel Materials for rechargeable batteries; Novel energy conversion;storage systems; Electrochemistry; 리튬이차전지; 이차전지용 신규 전극 및 전해액; 신규 에너지변환 및 저장 시스템; 전기화학
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