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Open innovation culture: Comparative analysis of IT firms from Korea, China and USA

Open innovation culture: Comparative analysis of IT firms from Korea, China and USA
Zhao, XiaofeiYun, Jinhyo Joseph
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Zhao, XiaofeiYun, Jinhyo Joseph
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As the proverb says “Rome, wasn't built in a day”, open innovation isnot something that can be achieved overnight easily. This implies a process and a culture that must grow over time before benefits are realized. Also, the same as “Rome did note build itself either”, the open innovation cannot happen by itself. It needs an effective input, and through multiple commitment by the entire organization with processing a dynamic promotion, then a culture towards open innovation would be punned. This kind of culture would help to cultivate more open innovation which also can be called open innovation culture. In other words, creating a culture that is accepting of open innovation is an important step towards successfully implementing an open innovation culture. It is believed that a numerous benefits would be led by adopting the open innovation culture, such as shorter time to market; finding new technologies and services to offer; access to additional competence; generation of new ideas; reducing costs; and access to new markets. Although the term of open innovation has been stressed by many companies and even they implementing human resource practices for innovation activities, the significant gap of understanding the innovation culture and openness still needed(Kratzer, Meissner, & Roud, 2017). As “Innovation culture has been viewed as a multidimensional construct” but with limited consistence on it and the exploration on its factors or dimensions(Munoz van den Eynde, Cornejo Canamares, Diaz Garcia, & Muñoz, 2015), it is believed that open innovation culture is a multidimensional construct as well.
Society of Open Innovation, Technology, Market & Complexity
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