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Collective Intelligence to Open Innovation: new and creative way to Open Innovation

Collective Intelligence to Open Innovation: new and creative way to Open Innovation
Yun, Jinhyo JosephJeong, EuiseobKim, SangwooAhn, HeungjuKim, KyungHunHahm, Sung Deuk
DGIST Authors
Yun, Jinhyo JosephAhn, Heungju
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SOI & Oklahoma State University 2020 Conference
As knowledge-based economy appears with a lot of intellectual properties which motivate the value of products and services highly in addition to the arriving of 4th industrial revolution at which the speed of knowledge diffusion is dramatically increasing, open innovation and collective intelligence are paid attention as new strategies of firms(M. Lee et al., 2018; Leydesdorff, 2018). The World Wide Web has created a virtual world of collective intelligence and helped large groups of people connect and collaborate in the innovation process heartily(Bücheler & Sieg, 2011). The development of modern information and communication technologies(ICTs) has led to a renewed interest in the phenomenon of ‘collective intelligence’, which was described once as ‘wisdom of the crowds’(Surowiecki, 2005; Tjornbo, 2015). Because valuable ideas can come from inside or outside the company and can go to market from inside or outside the company as well, open innovation as innovation over or cross the boundary of a company is required more in the knowledge-based 4th industrial revolution society(H. W. Chesbrough, 2003, p. 43). The collective intelligence continuum, which means the sequencing of collective sensing, collective sensemaking, collective ideation, collective decision making and collective action, was developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT), includes nearing all meaning of collective intelligence(Duval, 2019, p. 177).
Society of Open Innovation, Technology, Market & Complexity
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  • Author Ahn, Heungju  
  • Research Interests Several complex variables; Cauchy-Riemann equation; Complex geometry
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