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Graphene-mediated Coherent Light Lasing from CsPbI3 Perovskite Nanorods

Graphene-mediated Coherent Light Lasing from CsPbI3 Perovskite Nanorods
Kim, Hyunmin
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Kim, Hyunmin
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2019년 한국세라믹학회 추계학술대회
Graphene-mediated enhanced Raman scattering and coherent light lasing from CsPbI3 perovskite nanorods Hyunmin Kim Division of Biotechnology, DGIST, Daegu, 42988, Korea E-mail: Graphene-enhanced Raman scattering has been studied as an optical measurer related to the selective electron transfer from graphene to the valence band of the contacted molecule, inducing a pileup of electrons within the conduction band and a ‘photogating effect’ as for subsequently illuminated light. Herein, we studied the Raman spectroscopy of CsPbI3 nanorods sandwiched between two layers of graphene, revealing that a weak coherent lasing also occurs. The photoluminescence intensity of δ-phase CsPbI3 nanorods drastically decreased with increasing graphene coverage, particularly on the top, leading to Raman modes at the first (~241 and ~312 cm-1) and second (~640 cm-1) overtones of polymeric iodides and at ~3492 cm-1. First principle calculations address that the ~3492 cm-1 mode originates from the stimulated coherent light emissions of the highly populated electrons accumulated in the CsPbI3 conduction band, which form because of the electronic resonance induced in the Pb and I degenerate states.
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  • Author Kim, Hyunmin  
  • Research Interests Nonlinear optics, Femtosecond ultrafast carrier dynamics, Super resolution microscopy, Optical soliton transport, Biological imaging
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