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Molecular mechanisms of presynaptic assembly at excitatory synapses

Molecular mechanisms of presynaptic assembly at excitatory synapses
Ko, Jaewon
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Ko, Jaewon
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The 10th IBRO World Congress of Neuroscience
Synapses are fundamental information units of the brain that function by establishing and regulating innumerable overlapping and interdigitating neural circuits between neurons. Synaptic adhesion molecules are central synapse organizers that structurally align pre- and postsynaptic membranes and functionally coordinate assembly of pre- and postsynaptic machineries that are essential for instructing cell-type specificity, neuronal specification, and the diversity of individual synapse functions. Recent studies have clearly established neurexins and LAR-RPTPs (leukocyte common antigen-related receptor protein tyrosine phosphatases) as emerging presynaptic organizers that interact with a multiplicity of postsynaptic organizer partners in an activity- and alternative splicing-dependent manner. My laboratory has spent recent years studying mechanisms of distinct synaptic adhesion pathways mediated by neurexins, LAR-RPTPs, and their variable ligands. In this talk, I will discuss the concept that signaling mediated by these synapse organizers shapes the development and molecular properties of specific and diverse synapse. In particular, I will describe examples illustrating how neurexins and LAR-RPTPs functionally cross-talk to mediate excitatory presynaptic assembly.
Korea Brain Research Institute and Korean Society for Brain and Neural Sciences
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  • Author Ko, Jaewon Laboratory of Synapse Formation and Function
  • Research Interests Synapse Formation and Function; Neural Circuits; 뇌질환; animal model
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