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과수원 자율작업 주행 기술 개발을 위한 영상촬영 카트

과수원 자율작업 주행 기술 개발을 위한 영상촬영 카트
Lyu, Hong-KunHan, Dong-Hee
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Lyu, Hong-Kun
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2018정기총회및추계학술대회, 996-997
In this paper, we introduce a multi - node detection algorithm in the segment which is necessary for the recognition of the traveling route for the orchard autonomous operation and introduce the results of the detection of the running route for the orchard autonomous operation based on this algorithm. The proposed multi-point detection algorithm can obtain more information than the single In this paper, we introduce the image capture cart system for the orchard image collection necessary for the development of the orchard autonomous operation and autonomous driving technology, and introduce the hardware configuration and related considerations of the cart. The images obtained from these cart systems correspond to the essential system for efficiently developing the orchard road detection technology introduced in our laboratory. The manipulation of the image capture cart introduced in this paper is done through the RF controller. The proposed cart is able to acquire and store 4 images per second with a basic speed of 3.6 km/h and 16 images per second. relatively.point detection in a segment and can simplify the image preprocessing process relatively.
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