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Study on DOB based Control Systems with Saturating Actuators and Measurement Noise

Study on DOB based Control Systems with Saturating Actuators and Measurement Noise
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포화 액츄에이터와 측정잡음을 고려한 외란관측기 기반 제어시스템 연구
Na, Gyu Jin
DGIST Authors
Na, Gyu JinEun, Yong Soon
Eun, Yong Soon
Shim, Hyung Bo
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2017. 2
Disturbance ObserverNoise Induced Tracking ErrorBLDC motor testbedHeavy-duty vehicleplatooning외란관측기측정잡음으로 인한 추종오차모터실험대형차량자율군집주행
In chapter 1, we consider effect of measurement noise of DOB based control system with saturating actuators. Augmenting feedback control systems with disturbance ob-server (DOB) is a widely used technique in system design to compensate for the effect of exogenous disturbances as well as plant model uncertainties. In practice, DOB implementation has to take actuator saturation into account in order to avoid poor transient response or instability occurring due to saturating control input. In such systems, we have observed that a tracking loss may occur due to zero mean measurement noise. This phenomenon has never been reported in DOB literature. This paper reports the phenomenon, analyzes the conditions under which the tracking loss occurs, and also presents design guideline to avoid it based on the analysis. Experimental verification is also provided using a BLDC motor drive testbed.
In chapter 2, we consider heavy-duty vehicle platooning. Heavy-duty vehicle platooning has received much attention as method to reduce fuel consumption by keeping the distance between vehicles short enough to decrease aerodynamic drag. Major disturbances in the platooning are the slope in the road and uncertain mass of the vehicle. Existing method to reduce the effect of slope is to combine the vehicle position obtained from GPS and the slope database to calculate the amount of feed-forward type compensation. However, slope database is costly to acquire, and GPS signal is unreliable in some locations. We present vehicle controller based on disturbance observer (DOB) to compensate the effect of slope and mass without relying on the GPS and the slope database. Actual measurement of the road slope taken in highways of Sweden is used and simulation is conducted. ⓒ 2017 DGIST
Table Of Contents
1 Effect of Measurement Noise 1--
1.1 Introduction 1--
1.1.1 Motivation 1--
1.1.2 Chapter Outline 2--
1.2 NITE in Control Systems with AWRC DOB 3--
1.3 Analysis 5--
1.3.1 Stochastic Averaging Theory 5--
1.3.2 NITE Analysis 8--
1.4 NITE Mitigation Method 12--
1.5 DC Motor Experimental Results 14--
1.6 Conclusions 15--
1.7 Appendix 17--
1.8 MATLAB CODE 21--
2 Applications to Heavy-duty Vehicle Platooning 25--
2.1 Introduction 25--
2.1.1 Motivation 25--
2.1.2 Chapter Outline 26--
2.2 Platoon Architecture 26--
2.3 Vehicle and Platoon model 28--
2.4 Vehicle Controller 30--
2.4.1 Reference Generator 30--
2.4.2 DOB based Controller with Braking System 31--
2.5 Platoon Coordinator 33--
2.6 Simulation 35--
2.7 Conclusions 41--
2.8 MATLAB CODE 41--
2.8.1 Initialization 41--
2.8.2 Platoon Coordinator 48--
2.8.3 Reference Generator 52--
2.8.4 DOB based vehicle controller 53
Information and Communication Engineering
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  • 은용순 Eun, Yongsoon 전기전자컴퓨터공학과
  • Research Interests Resilient control systems; Control systems with nonlinear sensors and actuators; Quasi-linear control systems; Intelligent transportation systems; Networked control systems
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