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사이클로덱스트린을 이용한 소취용 가공제

사이클로덱스트린을 이용한 소취용 가공제
Translated Title
Development of cyclodextrin based malodor absorbent additives for fabric
권미경이성준김현철정상원구광회진성우Lee, Se Geun
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권미경; 이성준김현철정상원Lee, Se Geun
Issue Date
2018년 한국섬유공학회 춘계학술대회
Cyclodextrins(CD) form inclusion complexes with organic materials due to their unique geometric molecular structure and hydrophilic differences and these intrinsic properties can be used to impart deodorizing performance to fabrics. In order to produce the fabrics with deodorizing performance, a suitable Unker is required to form covalent bonds simultaneously with both CD and fabrics. Monochlorotiazinyl cyclodextrin(MCT-CD) is such a malodor absorbent additive which is commercially available. However, high cost of the conventional MCT-CD is a limitation on the application to textile industry. Moreover, in case of the synthetic fiber such as poly(ethylene terephthalate)(PET), the pretreatment such as partial alkali-hydrolysis is necessary due to the lack of functional groups which react with MCT-CD. We have developed a CD-based deodorizing additive that can be introduced into fabrics through an addi仕on reaction by irradiating the fabrics with UV Ught. In order to introduce a double bond into CD, a CD is modified using silane coupling agent and anhydride incorporating a vinyl group. The resulting modified CD was characterized by the use of NMR and FT-IR. The surface of the fabric after deodorant treatment was observed by FE-SEM and FT-IR.
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