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Hybrid thermoelectrochemical and concentration cells for harvesting low-grade waste heat

Hybrid thermoelectrochemical and concentration cells for harvesting low-grade waste heat
Kim, KyungguKang, JunsikLee, Hochun
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Kim, KyungguKang, JunsikLee, Hochun
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ElectrochemistryEnergy conversionEnergy harvestingNucleophilic substitutionThermoelectrochemical cell
ElectrochemistryLithium compoundsSeebeck coefficientWaste heatCarbonate solventsCell/B.EConcentration cellsEnergyLow-grade waste heatNucleophilic substitutionsRedox coupleSeebeckThermo-electrochemical cellsEnergy harvesting
Thermoelectrochemical cells (TECs) are promising platforms for thermal energy conversion. However, their widespread use is limited because of their low Seebeck coefficient and low conversion efficiency. We demonstrate a hybrid thermoelectrochemical and concentration cell based on carbonate solvents with a I3−/I− redox couple (referred to as i-TCC), which outperforms the current best n-type TEC employing an aqueous Fe3+/2+ redox couple. As the temperature of the hot side of i-TCC increases above 40 °C, dimethyl carbonate solvent reacts with iodide anions to form a porous Li2CO3-matrix near the hot electrode, which sustains long-lasting iodide-concentration gradient across the cell. The thermally driven concentration difference boosts the performance of the TEC to yield a remarkably high Seebeck coefficient (+7.7 mV K−1), figure of merit (ZT = 0.114), and Carnot efficiency (5.2%) for a temperature difference of 35 °C (25 °C and 60 °C for cold and hot temperatures, respectively). i-TCC demonstrated here thus provides a new perspective in harvesting low-grade waste heat. © 2021 Elsevier B.V.
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  • 이호춘 Lee, Hochun 에너지공학과
  • Research Interests Lithium-ion batteries; Novel Materials for rechargeable batteries; Novel energy conversion;storage systems; Electrochemistry; 리튬이차전지; 이차전지용 신규 전극 및 전해액; 신규 에너지변환 및 저장 시스템; 전기화학
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