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Conductive Polymer Composites for Soft Tactile Sensors

Conductive Polymer Composites for Soft Tactile Sensors
Kim, JongyounJung, HyeonwooKim, MinkyoungBae, HyejeongLee, Youngu
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Kim, JongyounJung, HyeonwooKim, MinkyoungBae, HyejeongLee, Youngu
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conductive fillerconductive polymer compositesmultiparametric sensorpolymer matrixsoft tactile sensors
Soft tactile sensors have received a lot of attention since they can be used to create advanced wearable electronic gadgets. The design of smart electronics requires high-performance soft tactile sensors with high sensitivity, low-cost manufacturing, and excellent mechanical freedom to convey sophisticated activities. Conductive polymer composites (CPCs) have emerged recently as promising materials for realizing high-performance, multifunctional, and versatile tactile sensors because of their distinct mechanical and electrical properties. Current advances in the astounding development of CPCs-based tactile sensors, including CPCs preparation and device structure designs for tactile sensors to detect various external stimuli were regarded in this review. The component materials of CPCs that provide innovative features, including self-healing, self-cleaning, and biodegradability, as well as improve their electrical properties were further described. Structural modifications based on the operation mechanism, such as surface micropatterns, sponge, and fiber structures to improve the sensing qualities of the device are also investigated. Finally, contemporary multi-parametric tactile sensors are on display offering a potential solution to future electronics. [Figure not available: see fulltext.] © 2021, The Polymer Society of Korea and Springer.
Polymer Society of Korea
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  • 이윤구 Lee, Youngu 에너지공학과
  • Research Interests OTF Solar cell; OLED; Printed Electronics; 유기박막형 태양전지
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