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Integrated Control Framework for Intelligent Driving Strategy of Electric Mobility

Integrated Control Framework for Intelligent Driving Strategy of Electric Mobility
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전자식 모빌리티의 지능적인 주행을 위한 통합적 제어 체계
Jung Hyun Choi
DGIST Authors
Jung Hyun Choi; Sehoon Oh; Kanghyun Nam
Kanghyun Nam
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Electric Mobility, Driving Control, Mobile Robot, Model Predictive Control, 전자식 모빌리티, 주행제어, 모바일로봇, 모델 예측 제어
Table Of Contents
1 Introduction 1 1.1 Research Background 1 1.2 Literature Review for Electric Mobility 2 1.3 Problem Statement and Contribution Points 4 1.4 Outline of Dissertation 5 2 Categorization of Electric Mobility 6 3 Proposed Algorithm and Veri cation Map for Intelligent Driving 10 3.1 Comprehensive Driving Algorithm 10 3.2 Overview of Veri cation Methods 11 4 Longitudinal Driving Veri cation (Case Study I) 13 4.1 High Accuracy Velocity Achievement Based on Slip Ratio Control (SRC) on the Icy Field 13 4.1.1 Design of Stone Throwing Robot for Curling 14 4.1.2 Two Dimensional Driving Control for Stone Throwing Robot on the Ice 18 4.1.3 Experimental Veri cation of Precise Driving Control 23 4.1.4 Conclusion of the Stone Throwing Robot 26 4.2 Straight Driving Control in Terms of Safety on the Uneven Road 28 4.2.1 Motion Reference Generation for a Powered Wheelchair using Joystick Based on Intuitive Locomotion Mode 30 4.2.2 Control Algorithm Considering Intuitive Wheelchair Locomotion Mode 34 4.2.3 Experimental Veri cation 40 4.2.4 Conclusion of Powered Wheelchair 46 4.3 Reshaping Motion Reference for Riding Comfort in Straight Driving Control 46 4.3.1 Acceleration/Deceleration Modi cation in the Longitudinal Mode for Comfortable Driving 46 4.3.2 Conclusion of the Motion Reference Modi cation 47 5 Steering Motion Veri cation (Case Study II) 50 5.1 Stable Yaw Motion Control for Trajectory Tracking in Icy Field 50 5.1.1 System Con guration of Sweeping Robot 51 5.1.2 Side Slip Angle Estimation Based on Caster Steering Moment 55 5.1.3 Simulation and the Experimental Results 59 5.1.4 Conclusion of the Sweeping Robot 64 5.2 Trajectory Generation for Human-friendly Movement in Yaw Motion Control 64 5.2.1 Development of Caddie Robot and Driving Strategy 66 5.2.2 Operation Mode Based Driving Algorithm 70 5.2.3 Experimental Veri cation 77 5.2.4 Conclusion of the Caddie Robot 80 5.3 Reference Modi cation to Improve Steering Feeling in the High Lateral Fiction Field 81 5.3.1 Mathematical Model of the Double Universal Joint 84 5.3.2 Veri cation of the Steering Wheel Torque Mathematical Model 92 5.3.3 Steering Feeling Improvement Control based on the Mathematical Model 97 5.3.4 Conclusion of the Steering Feeling Improvement 99 5.4 Safety Driving using Model Predictive Control in the Steering Motor Fault Condition 100 5.4.1 Proposed Model Describing the Motion State of Electric Mobility 100 5.4.2 Simulation Results 102 6 Conclusions and Future Outlook 105 6.1 Conclusions 105 6.2 Future Outlook 106 Bibliography 107
Robotics Engineering
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  • Author Oh, Sehoon MCL(Motion Control Lab)
  • Research Interests Research on Human-friendly motion control; Development of human assistance;rehabilitation system; Design of robotic system based on human musculoskeletal system; Analysis of human walking dynamics and its application to robotics; 친인간적인 운동제어 설계연구; 인간 보조;재활 시스템의 설계 및 개발연구; 인간 근골격계에 기초한 로봇기구 개발연구; 보행운동 분석과 모델 및 로봇기구에의 응용
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