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Transcriptional regulation of Xbr-1a/Xvent-2 homeobox gene: Analysis of its promoter region

Transcriptional regulation of Xbr-1a/Xvent-2 homeobox gene: Analysis of its promoter region
Lee, Hyun-ShikPark, Mae JaLee, Sung-YoungHwang, Yoo-SeokLee, HyosangRoh, Dong-HyunKim, Jong-IlPark, Jae-BongLee, Jae-YongKung, Hsiang-fuKim, Jaebong
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Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, v.298, no.5, pp.815 - 823
Xvent homeobox proteins are induced by BMP-4 signaling and have been known to mediate many BMP-4 activities as key downstream transcriptional factors. In order to investigate the regulatory mode of Xvent transcription, we isolated genomic DNA of the Xbr-1a/Xvent-2 containing the promoter region responsive to BMP-4 signaling. The cis-acting elements located within the Xbr-1a/Xvent-2 promoter and the regulation modes by BMP-4 signaling were analyzed by serial deletion and site-directed mutagenesis experiments. The upstream -235 bp of the promoter retained the full transcriptional activity and BMP-4-response when compared with the longest promoter construct. Further analysis indicated that two separated 15 bp regions contained a strong positive element and BMP-4-response element. Site-directed mutagenesis of those regions suggests that those two regions cooperate for the promoter activity and BMP-4-response. Moreover, we found that the transcription factors, Oaz and PEBP2αA, were able to elicit additive effects with BMP-4 signaling on Xbr-1a/Xvent-2 reporter activities. These results indicate that transcriptional regulation of the Xbr-1a/Xvent-2 gene occurs in a complex mode through the cooperation of various transcription factors. © 2002 Elsevier Science (USA). All rights reserved.
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  • 이효상 Lee, Hyosang 뇌과학과
  • Research Interests Neuronal circuit mechanisms underlying emotional behaviors; 정서적 행동을 매개하는 신경회로 연구
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