Light, Salts and Water Research Group 56

Research Interests:
1) Synthesis of New Material for Future Energy Conversion and Storage: Nanostructured Porous carbon, Metal or Metal Oxide Nanostructures.
2) We are focusing on combinatorial electrocatalysts, synthesis of nano-structure supporting materials, transition metal-carbon based catalysts, non-platinum or low-platinum based catalysts for fuel cells.
3) We are developing anode materials for Li-ion battery application with high-performed capacitance, which can become promising alternate material instead of conventional commercial graphite. In our research, we developed various kinds of 3D-nanostructured and hierarchical mesoporous carbon materials, which exhibited high performance of capacitance and could be excellent candidates for anode active materials. Furthermore, metal-sulfide and metal-oxide based nanoparticles were also developed by our group for applying to anode active material.
4) With the new reduction methods, we obtained reduced TiO2 with an excellent photocatalyst activity for water splitting. Furthermore, the mechanism of photocatalyst reactions with reduced TiO2 were also investigated for better understanding

Advisor Professor : Yu, Jong Sung
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