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Nitrogen-doped carbon nanofoam derived from amino acid chelate complex for supercapacitor applications

Nitrogen-doped carbon nanofoam derived from amino acid chelate complex for supercapacitor applications
Ramakrishnan, PrakashShanmugam, Sangaraju
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Ramakrishnan, PrakashShanmugam, Sangaraju
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1-Ethyl-3-Methylimidazolium TetrafluoroborateAmino Acid ComplexAmino AcidsCapacitorsCarbon NanofoamChelationDoping (Additives)ElectrolytesIonic LiquidsLithium CompoundsMesopore Size DistributionsNano-CarbonNitrogenNitrogen-Doped Mesoporous CarbonsNitrogen-DopingSilverSolar EnergySuper CapacitorSupercapacitorSupercapacitor Application
We report a novel strategy to fabricate the nitrogen-doped mesoporous carbon nanofoam structures (N-MCNF), derived from magnesium amino acid chelate complex (Mg-acc-complex) for its application towards high performance supercapacitor (SCs) system. A series of N-MCNF with well-connected carbon nanofoam structure have been developed by varying the synthesis temperature. The fabricated N-MCNF material possesses a high surface area (1564 m2 g-1) and pore volume (1.767 cm3 g-1) with nitrogen content of 3.42 wt%. A prototypical coin cell type symmetric N-MCNF SC device has been assembled with 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate [EMIMBF4] ionic liquid electrolyte, and evaluated for SCs studies. The N-MCNF with high textural properties delivers unprecedented SC performance, such as high specific capacitance (204 Fg-1 at 0.25 Ag-1, 25 °C), high energy density (63.4 Wh kg-1), high power density (35.9 kW kg-1) and long-term cycle life (32,500 cycles). Significantly, N-MCNF materials exhibited high power rate performance, at 500 mV-1 (115 Fg-1) and 25 Ag-1 (166 Fg-1) owing to the uniform mesopore size distribution (∼4 nm). The N-MCNF SC device delivered maximum energy densities of 83.4 and 93.3 Wh kg-1 at 60 °C and 90 °C, respectively. Such outstanding N-MCNF SC device is successfully demonstrated in solar energy harvester applications. © 2016 Elsevier B.V.
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  • 프라카쉬 Ramakrishnan, Prakash 스마트섬유융합연구실
  • Research Interests Li-ion & solid state batteries; hybrid capacitors/ li-ion capacitors; metal-air-batteries; supercapacitors
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