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A study on the mobile communication network with smart phone for building of location based real time reservation system

A study on the mobile communication network with smart phone for building of location based real time reservation system
Kang, Sin KwanKang, Hee KukKim, Jung EunLee, HyunLee, Jeong Bae
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Kang, Hee KukKim, Jung Eun
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ARArgonAugmented RealityBig BangDaily LivesEmbedded Integrated PrototypingExhibitionsFilm FestivalsGlobal Positioning System (GPS)GPSInformation TechnologyIntegrated PrototypingIntegrationLBSLocalizationLocation-BasedMobile Communication NetworksNetwork-BasedNetworked SystemsOperational ProcessReal-TimeReservation SystemsSmart Phone ApplicationSmartphonesTelecommunication NetworksWireless Communication NetworkWireless Telecommunication Systems
Due to Smart Big Bang in recent, the applications of convergence industry between IT technology depending on smart-phone based mobile communication networks and others are expanding. Various technologies in other fields are adapted to smart-phone efficiently so as to support more convenient daily life service to smart-phone users. However, the developing speed of products is too fast to following most of issues of current smart-phone applications. The designing and developing techniques of smart-phone system become more complicate for adapting new technologies of smart-phone into wireless communication network. There is no perfect solution to solve these problems. Thus, we propose an Augmented Reality (AR) based embedded integration prototyping for the networked system management as one of method. In particular, we describe a network based ticket reservation system and its organization based on smart-phone applications with augmented reality (AR). Prior to developing and designing real smart-phone application, this embedded integration prototyping is helpful to control and predict operational process in big events such as Film Festival, Biennale, EXPO, and so on. Finally, we apply our proposed method into a certain specific zone such as YEOSU EXPO in order to build a location based real time reservation system.
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