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DC Field Value Language Jo, Hyo Jeong ko Nam, Jung Eun ko Kim, Dae-Hwan ko Kim, Hyojeong ko Kang, Jin-Kyu ko 2017-07-11T05:27:02Z - 2017-04-10 - 2014-03 -
dc.identifier.citation Dyes and Pigments, v.102, pp.285 - 292 -
dc.identifier.issn 0143-7208 -
dc.identifier.uri -
dc.description.abstract Two novel donor acceptor π-conjugated (D-π-A) organic dyes have been engineered as sensitizers for applications in dye-sensitized solar cells. The derivatives of phenothiazine containing different numbers of thiophene units in the chromophore were synthesized to investigate the correlation between the number of π-bridge photovoltaic properties as photosensitizers for dye-sensitized solar cells. The organic dye with dithiophene units exhibited a higher molar extinction coefficient and more efficient electron injection from the dye to TiO2 conduction band leading to an improved light harvesting efficiency. The solar-to-electricity conversion efficiency of 7.3% in the case of the bis(dithienyl) bridged dye with an open-circuit voltage of 0.636 V and short-circuit photocurrent density of 18.692 m A cm-2, deriving from a higher absorption with respect to the mono (2,5-thienyl) containing dye, as conformed by incident photo-to-current conversion efficiency measurements. © 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. -
dc.publisher ELSEVIER SCI LTD -
dc.title A comparison of the electronic and photovoltaic properties of novel twin-anchoring organic dyes containing varying lengths of pi-bridges in dye-sensitized solar cells -
dc.type Article -
dc.identifier.doi 10.1016/j.dyepig.2013.10.032 -
dc.identifier.wosid 000331483800037 -
dc.identifier.scopusid 2-s2.0-84888357218 -
dc.type.local Article(Overseas) -
dc.type.rims ART -
dc.description.journalClass 1 -
dc.identifier.citationVolume 102 -
dc.identifier.citationStartPage 285 -
dc.identifier.citationEndPage 292 -
dc.identifier.citationTitle Dyes and Pigments -
dc.type.journalArticle Article -
dc.description.isOpenAccess N -
dc.contributor.affiliatedAuthor Kim, Dae-Hwan -
dc.contributor.affiliatedAuthor Kang, Jin-Kyu -
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