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Enhancement of frequency modulation response time for polymer-dispersed liquid crystal

Enhancement of frequency modulation response time for polymer-dispersed liquid crystal
Shim, H[Shim, Hyunseok]Lyu, HK[Lyu, Hong-Kun]Allabergenov, B[Allabergenov, Bunyod]Garbovskiy, Y[Garbovskiy, Yuriy]Glushchenko, A[Glushchenko, Anatoliy]Choi, B[Choi, Byeongdae]
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Shim, H[Shim, Hyunseok]Lyu, HK[Lyu, Hong-Kun]Choi, B[Choi, Byeongdae]
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Ferroelectric ParticlesFrequency ModulationPolymer-Dispersed Liquid CrystalsResponse Time
ABSTRACT: Through the ferroelectric nanoparticles of BaTiO3 (BTO) doping, the response time for the frequency modulation of the polymer-dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) was improved. The BTO-doped PDLC cells were prepared by polymerisation induced phase separation (PIPS) process using UV light. The capacitance of the PDLC composites was measured with an impedance analyzer in the frequency range of 100 Hz–1 MHz at 1 V. The dynamic signal for the response time of the PDLC devices was monitored through a digital oscilloscope. The electro-optical properties of the PDLC were found to strongly depend on the doped BTO concentration. The BTO doping caused a large increase in the capacitance. The dielectric constants were drastically decreased in the samples with rather low BTO doping ratio at a high frequency. No outstanding difference in the rising time of the LC was observed in the BTO-doped PDLC device, but the falling time was significantly decreased from 0.334 to 0.094 s. The present results imply that the nanoparticle-doping technology could improve the electro-optical performance of the PDLC requiring fast response and frequency modulation, such as optical modulators and PDLC-hybrid electroluminescence device for flexible electronic devices. © 2016 Informa UK Limited, trading as Taylor & Francis Group.
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