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Electromagnetic wave absorption properties of composites with ultrafine hollow magnetic fibers

Electromagnetic wave absorption properties of composites with ultrafine hollow magnetic fibers
Yi, JW[Yi, Jin Woo]Lee, SB[Lee, Sang Bok]Kim, JB[Kim, Jin Bong]Lee, SK[Lee, Sang Kwan]Park, OO[Park, O. Ok]
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Park, OO[Park, O. Ok]
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Cobalt CompoundsComplex PermeabilityElectrical ConductivityElectroless PlatingElectromagnetic Wave AbsorptionElectromagnetic WavesFibersHollow Magnetic FiberIron CompoundsMagnetic FibersMechanical PermeabilityPermeabilityPermittivityPolymeric CompositesResonanceResonance CharacteristicResonance FrequenciesSacrificial SubstratesVector Network Analyzers
Ultrafine hollow magnetic fibers were prepared by electroless plating using hydrolyzed polyester fiber as a sacrificial substrate. These hollow fibers can be served for lightweight and efficient electromagnetic (EM) absorbing materials. As observed from SEM and EDS analysis, hollow structures consisting of Ni inner layer and Fe or Fe-Co outer layer were obtained. By introducing Co onto Fe, oxidation of the Fe layer was successfully prevented making it possible to enhance the complex permeability compared to a case in which only Fe was used. Polymeric composites containing the hollow fibers with different weight fractions and fiber lengths were prepared by a simple mixing process. The electromagnetic wave properties of the composites were measured by a vector network analyzer and it was found that the hollow magnetic fibers show a clear resonance peak of the complex permittivity around the X-band range (8-12 GHz) and the resonance frequency strongly depends on the fiber concentration and length. A possible explanation for the unique resonance is that the hollow fibers possess relatively low electrical conductivity and a long mean free path due to their oxidized phase and hollow structure. The calculated EM wave absorption with the measured EM wave properties showed that the composite containing 30 wt% hollow Ni/Fe-Co (7:3) fibers in length of 180 μm exhibited multiple absorbance peaks resulting in a broad absorption bandwidth of 4.2 GHz. It is obvious that this multiple absorbance is attributed to the resonance characteristic of the composite. © 2014 Elsevier B.V.
Elsevier B.V.
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